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Tsu's Genin - Team 5 by Hitoritsuki Tsu's Genin - Team 5 by Hitoritsuki
Well, I mentioned that Tsu was assigned a Genin team in my Tsu/Yamato fanfiction, located [link] <-- here.
And afterwards I got an urge to actually draw them. So here they are!

Starting on the left is Yamanami Toride. Her special ability is to create chakra force fields which she can also use as blunt force weapons. (Toride means 'fortress' and Yamanami means 'range of mountains') She's outgoing and, as with her ability, often bludgeons people with the force of her personality.

On the right is her fraternal twin brother Yamanami Taihei (Taihei means 'peace/tranquility'). His ability is genjutsu, which he uses most often to lull people into a calmer state. He can also use it to incite rage. It mostly centers on mood, but he prefers to use it in a more peacful way more often than not. He's very easy going, but when he gets mad he can be as implacable as the range of mountains surname that he and his sister share.

In the middle is Ibitsu (which means 'crooked') Not that SHE is crooked. She has a bloodline limit that centers in the eyes, but due to a genetic anomoly, in her right eye the ability is about ten times stronger in the right, hence she wears a tinted lens to combat the resulting loss of equilibrium. The ability is something like an infrared, it sense body heat, vibration, all the things that the body produces in the course of its processes. It's nearly impossible to conceal things from her, particularly if she takes the lens off (altough that gives her a killer headache). She tends to be quiet and introverted and doesn't much like people since in her clan she's considered something of a freak. Despite this she's a regular genius and is one year younger than the other two, having graduated early.

So yes, that little blurb became a full genin team!


And you should probably know more about Tsu. So here's a link with a picture and truncated bio.


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OddConrad Featured By Owner May 21, 2008
I really like your style of drawing eyes. They're not over-the-top ultra shine, and more like actual proportionalness (if that's even a word...) :D
MandragoraFreak Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2006
wow, great drawing! Fantastic! =)
Koeimaru Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2006
Well, now...
the picture is so good...
I wish I could draw like that..D=
Hitoritsuki Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2006  Student Digital Artist
Thank you. :)
All it takes is a dash of inspiration and a LOT...lot lot of practice ^^
Kage-Ichihashi Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2006
You posted it on -is giddy- All right! I shall favorite and whatnot immediately!

Beautiful work! I love the way you come up with such unique characters! Keep up the brilliant work; take care!
Hitoritsuki Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2006  Student Digital Artist
Thank you ^_^ And I surely will check it out.
vampire-queen Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2006
Thats so cool!

I love Narutoooooo....Fanart rocks. <33333

....Actually i prefer shaman king.....but still....=D

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August 12, 2006
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